How To Move With Your Pets Overseas

It is a well known fact that moving is stressful but if your pets are involved, it can be frustrating too. However, it is not impossible. With proper planning, you can move with your pets easily. This article shows you how you can prepare for a move overseas with your pets.

Make sure the apartment or house you are moving to be safe for your pet. This should be done well in advance before you make plans to move with your pet. For example, find a house with a backyard or near a park if you have a dog.

Ask your vet for any recommendations for a good vet in your destination city. Ask them if your pet is vulnerable to any health conditions in the new city, especially if your pet is already ailing. This is because some pet ailments can get worse when your pet is exposed to strange surroundings.

Confirm the airline you choose to allow pets to travel and how much extra it will cost. Most airlines have strict regulations regarding traveling with pets. Most airlines will allow small dogs and cats in a carrier to travel with you. Large pets in large carriers, however, will be transported in the cargo part of the plane. This often poses danger to your pet, and he can get stressed out easily.

If the airline asks for the vet records, find out if can be sent well in advance for processing. If your pet is only allowed to travel in the cargo area, ask about the size of the carrier allowed. The carrier you purchase should allow your pet to move freely around.

Have your pets groomed a few days before you leave. You don’t want to take a dirty pet into your new home. Dogs should have their hairs trimmed and shaven. If the person doing the grooming knows that you are moving with your pet, they might be able to suggest a better more thorough grooming suitable when traveling.

When you are ready to move schedule an appointment with your vet and have your pets given any necessary shots. One of the requirements when traveling with pets is to give your pets necessary shots. If you are flying with your pet, have your vet give it a sedative. A new or unfamiliar means of transportation can have them stressed. The sedatives will calm your pet, especially if it is known to be aggressive when stressed.

Have your vet vaccinate your pet according to boarding and traveling regulations. These vaccines may include the cough vaccine for your dog. This is especially necessary if your pet is traveling while in the cargo area of the plane.

Have all your pet records on the ready. These include vaccination certificates and vet reports and a recent health certificate. They may be needed before boarding. Ask your vet about anything else that may be needed before you travel.

If your pet is under medication, have the vet refill the prescriptions, and write it down for you to present to a new vet when you get to your destination. Carry any pet food, especially if it is prescribed for a sick pet. It can be quite frustrating trying to find a pet store in a new unknown city.

On the day, you travel get to the airport early enough to allow your pet to take a potty break and eat or drink before it is loaded. Make sure you travel on the same plane as your dog and watch if possible how your pet is being loaded and on reaching your destination, watch while it is being unloaded.

Designate a calm secure place or room for your pet on arrival. All the disarray associated with moving can stress a pet out, and it may also escape in the confusion. Tell movers to be careful when getting in and out of the room.

By following these simple preparation steps, you can have a smooth move together with your beloved pet.