Hosting a party?

If you’ve chosen to hold a party for whatever occasion, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed about where to start and how to organise it. Of course you could hire a party planner to do it all for you or you could begin with the first most important step and take it from there – Choose your venue.

There are a wealth of venues to choose but don’t let this put you off.  Firstly, get an idea of how many people you are inviting and who the party is for. A child’s party venue may not be very attractive to an older guest and vice versa. Think about those who may need to travel and nearby accommodation availability. Next identify any particular interests the person may hold who you are throwing the party for.

Once you have narrowed these things down, you should have a better idea of the kind of venue you should be looking for. For large children’s parties you might consider a community hall or leisure centre or maybe a local bowling centre. Cinemas can also be hired out now for private screenings which will make your guests feel very much like VIP’s!

You may wish to stage your own celebrations if you’re happy to have your home turned into party central. Alternatively, if that idea makes you anxious then why not transfer the festivities to the garden? A marquee is another great option for a get together and could suit everyone’s needs. Kids can play in the garden with outdoor activities and older guests can relax in comfortable seats while enjoying the atmosphere around them. Costs can be kept to a minimum if you do your own catering too. For marquee hire in Kent try


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Restaurants are also becoming increasingly popular for holding a more controlled and distinguished celebration and this may be the preference for a more formal gathering. Bars, historic houses, museums and sporting venues are also being hired for a unique party experience.

You can have spooky parties in castles, events in Battersea Power Station and even an underground party at Carnglaze Caverns in Cornwall. Or what about an Ice Bar in London, outdoor pursuits, spa and golf resorts or a tree house. Whatever your budget and theme then there is sure to be a perfect venue waiting for your event.

Still confused? Think about who the party is for and where their personality fits. If you can’t picture them in a loud club then go for a restaurant or hotel function room. If you see them as bored to tears by a sit down meal then maybe something a bit more adventurous?