Enjoying the Flavours of Your Holidays Back Home

Many people often remark that the world is becoming a smaller place, which is true in many ways. It’s relatively quick and easy to fly around the world, enjoying different cultures and sampling local cuisine. As well as travelling far and wide on holiday, many people seek to work in other countries, either because the wages or quality of life are better or because their skills are in demand.


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Often when people return from holidays they like to recreate their favourite dishes. People who move to another country also still like to cook cuisine from home, which can vary from a fragrant Thai curry to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on American Independence Day.

Supermarkets, restaurants and takeaways are also catering for tastes around the world such as Japanese sushi bars, Indonesian restaurants or Spanish tapas bars.

If you don’t have such a variety of takeaways on your doorstep, you may be tempted to open your own. As well as being able to cook and enjoy your favourite dishes, you can earn money from it too.

Takeaways Are Proving Popular

Simply Business says takeaways are being launched at a fast rate. It advises that finding the right premises is very important because you are relying on walk-in trade. It also suggests you think about franchising, as you benefit from an existing brand name and business model.

So it seems that research and careful planning are the keys to finding the right premises. Then the expense begins of renting a property, paying rates and taxes, equipping your premises and buying stock.

Initial Expenses for Your Takeaway

You’ll need to stock your takeaway with a lot of equipment such as cookers and heaters, and if you are going to display your food, fridges for cold drinks, a counter and commercial fridge freezers.

Dependent on the audience you want to attract and the type of food you want to produce you may be inclined to purchase props.  For example, if you want to be a hot dog/burger bar you make want to get a convertible plastic front of car to sit above the door.

Games and music are also key.  Juke boxes are another favourite at sit down old school burger bars as we all know.  However, to stand out if somewhat and variety in the spice of life (pardon the pun) if you have the space why not invest in a giant game of some sort from a Dale Winston styled “bring on the wall” to the latest Tornado sweeper game from places like http://www.gsrodeobulls.com/shop/tornado-sweeper-arm-game.
The Food Standards Agency says you need to register your premises with your local environmental health service at least 28 days before opening, and you will need planning permission from your local authority.

You will also need to keep up to date and comply with any food laws and regulations.

Once all this is in place, you are ready to start trading and hopefully will have found a recipe for success.