Dunstable is full of things to do

It may surprise you to find but there are a multitude of things you can do in Dunstable. A nice unassuming market town that benefits form a close link to London, 30 miles, but also has the nearby Chiltern hills for escape and leisure. One thing that you don’t need to worry about is if you need a garage shelving installation then a quick trip to this link should be immense help Let’s have a look at what fun things there are as complied by the local residents.

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  1. Go Fly a kite. Dunstable Down is one of the most interesting natural features in Britain and it offers one of the best chances to fly a kite. Professional and amateur kite  flyers the world over assemble to try there skills in   kite flying. It’s not unusual to see a family with a small Thomas the tank engine kite sudden being overtaken by Peter Powell stunt kite. There is also hang gliding.
  2. Whipsnade Zoo – This is one of the most visited sites in the country and has a massive range of animals that provides a great day out. It’s just down the road from Dunstable which can be a good base for a stopover.
  3. Internationally renowned Grove Theatre. Why not catch a classical or contemporary play in this architecturally impressive purpose-built theatre for Dunstable? There is sure to be something on that will take your interest. The Carpenters tribute band or the much-respected ABBA tribute band ARRIVAL for example. Kevin Mcloud of Grand Designs fame would approve which is good because he comes from Dunstable and if Badly Drawn Boy or Faye Tozer from Steps ever want to perform this would also be a homecoming for them. Unlikely they would be on the same bill though.
  4. Whipsnade Tree Cathedral. This is quite an incredible naturally created feature that has been developing since nineteen thirty in the making. The creator Edward Blyth was moved by a sunset through trees that these might be a wonderful and uplifting place to have a cathedral. It is a memorial in part to those lost in the great war based on the experiences of Blyth. It contains an enormous variety of trees all forming a canopy that has to be seen to believed. It really is a proper cathedral as trees have been planted in roughly the same way a stone cathedral is laid out. It is surrounded by a large hedge. There are regular services, weather permitting.
  5. Queens Cross – The town has one of the Eleanor Crosses. These were erected by the orders of Edward the First whenever he stopped on his way back to London following the death of his wife.

Plenty to be getting on with then.