Do You Need to Wear a Wrist Support for Bowling?

Many sports require specialist equipment that helps to ensure safety and greater enjoyment of the game. For bowling, very little kit is needed, but a wrist support can be helpful for some people.

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The wrist support exists to provide greater stability for your wrist as you play bowls, allowing you to keep the joint firm and preventing any over-extension and potential injury. It is also helpful for helping players to lower their wrist to a position where the ball can release freely. This helps to prevent pain and injury and also increases the rev rate of your release, as well as your hook.

Sometimes extra hook isn’t beneficial, but when it comes to the house shot it does tend to have a benefit. Applying greater hook on your house shot means that you can move inside the competition and bank of their lines. This gives you more scope for play throughout the game and widens your margin for error.

Who Might Use a Wrist Support?

So who might want to use bowling wrist support such as these: These products will typically be used by players who have known wrist weaknesses or by young people who need a little extra support until they become naturally stronger and bigger.

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Older players often benefit if they need a little strengthening and stability in the wrist joint. Women are also more likely to use them, as their wrists are naturally narrower and weaker. However, these useful products can be beneficial for all players.

Whether or not you need one will depend on your individual needs, whether you have a naturally strong wrist, whether you can hold the joint naturally in the correct position for the right amount of time, and whether you feel comfortable as you play.

Get Started

The best starting point is to visit a specialist sports shop to have your wrist analysed. You can also use a coach to analyse your game. If you do choose to use one, read the instructions carefully so that you apply it properly. You should feel a real boost to your wrist’s stability and an increased feeling of confidence as you play.

Remember too that you can increase the strength of your wrist with strengthening exercises.

Get the right gear in place and get out there to play bowls this summer!