Do You Know Your Carpets?

The art of making rugs has a long history that goes back thousands of years. In fact, many oriental rugs are found in museums these days since they depict motifs of another era and have the same value as well-known works of art and paintings. When you choose a handmade rug, you receive a one of a kind object since each and every one of these magnificent Persian rugs have unique combinations of colors and spectacular depictions. Of course, these rugs cost a small fortune, but most of them are made to last for many generations besides yours. The subject of carpets and rugs are one of the most favorite ones in State and, hence, you can find as much information as you desire on many sites in the web.

Tips for the purchase of handmade rugs

  • There are no limitations in the prices of handmade rugs and you must be prepared that there will always be a better rug than yours in the market. Thus, it’s important to set a limit to your budget estimating 10% on or off from the price you have in mind.
  • You must keep in mind that this would be an expensive investment and that these rugs require special treatment and, therefore, you must ask salesmen for specific rug cleaning It’s important to know about the history of the rug, where it was made, the meaning of symbolisms and motifs, and what you must avoid when you do residential carpet cleaning in order to protect their piles, colors and fibers. As you can see at many stores in City where they sell rugs, they are usually accompanied with a detailed note about their required cleaning process and other important characteristics.

Tips about the placing and carpet cleaning

  • When your new rugs arrive at your home, you must give them some room to breathe and clean them excessively from the dust and dirt accumulated on them by being exposed all this time in the store. The next step is to clean thoroughly the floor, where you will place it making sure it will be completely dried. It would even be better to do upholstery cleaning as well preceding the placement of your rugs to keep your environment entirely clean.
  • Avoid placing the silk rugs in dark humid places or in places with intense sunlight. If you can’t avoid it, try to move the rug around to keep the colors from changing.
  • You must clean your rugs regularly and, if possible, carry them out to take some fresh air. This way, the little germs and the well hidden dust can be removed easier. You can also periodically do mold inspection, especially if you had water damage. You must pay special attention on the back side of the rugs. When it’s time for their cleaning, try to remember that strong detergents are not good for your rugs and refrain from using them. If you must use some soaps, prefer ecofriendly products.