4 Things you must know before you buy a rug

Carpets are loved by most people in State and many of them may even travel abroad in search of rare Persian rugs, which can give a special touch to their homes and be a great investment for the future. The history of rugs go way back in time, but you can still find today exquisite motifs and fabulous colors, and become the owner of a rare rug. In fact, today you have the advantage of multiple choices, even if you cannot spare large amounts of money.

Should I buy a handmade rug or wall to wall carpets?

Apart from your budget, you must take into consideration some other factors as well. Oriental rugs, for instance, are amazing and durable, but they don’t fit in a basement or a high traffic floor since you won’t be able to protect them properly even if you did carpet cleaning on a daily basis. Furthermore, some rooms in the house like the kitchen or the children’s rooms don’t require expensive rugs. On the contrary, at these places, you need rugs that can be cleaned easily since you place them for protection and not for decorative purposes.

Can I use all kinds of detergents?

Rug cleaning usually requires plain water and you can use some liquid soaps with persistent stains. In fact, stain removal would only require white vinegar, which is a natural product. If you must use some kind of detergent, you should prefer eco-friendly products that can find anywhere in city and you must remember that vinegar will also be your best option for odor removal as well. An alternative solution would be the use of the liquid soap you use for your dishes. You must also know that the colors of silk rugs are very sensitive and, therefore, if you are going to use some detergents, you must try them out in a small spot in the corner of the rug before you clean the whole surface to ensure that the colors don’t fade away.

Can I combine modern furniture with wool rugs?

The greatest advantage of handmade rugs is that they have a personality of their own and don’t need complicated combinations to look nice in a room. You can place them anywhere within the house – living room or office, for example – to let their beauty show trying not to cover them with furniture, especially if they are heavy because they can hurt them.

How can I store my rugs?

In many Mediterranean countries, people store their rugs during the hot summer days to protect them from high temperatures. Before you remove them from the floor, you must do mold inspection to ensure their good condition and then you must vacuum them thoroughly on both sides to remove the dirt and dust. Then you must roll them and cover them with clean sheets, but the most important thing is to keep them in places, where water damage is unlikely to occur.