4 ways to sort out your website this spring

As winter gives way to spring, our thoughts turn to spring cleaning our homes and offices. But don’t forget your website too – outdated information and dead links do your business no favours and might even be costing you money in the form of lost conversions and frustrated would-be customers.

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Follow our simple guide to make sure that your website is working for you, not against you.

1. Identify your customer base

It’s too easy to forget that the purpose of your website is to attract visitors and persuade them to spend money on your goods or services. Delighting you and your web design team is not its primary function, although far too many business owners – and web designers too – fail to realise this simple fact.

2. How do you attract them to your site?

It’s no good winging it in the digital world. You need to have a very clear picture of your customers, so spend plenty of time assessing the likely search terms they might use and make sure to include these keywords in your content and tags.

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3. How do you convince them to place an order?

Once you have your prospective customer on your site, are you sure that you are presenting them with the information that they want, rather than the information that you want to provide? Bear in mind that nobody likes to spend time searching for the information they want. In fact, According to Entrepreneur, it should take three clicks or less to buy a product online. If it takes visitors time to figure out how to place an order then you could be seeing them making a swift exit and heading off to your competitors’ sites instead.

4. Are your contact details easy to find?

Your customers might want to phone or email you about an order, or find out where you are based. Make sure that you include details of how to get in touch and make them as prominent as possible. When visitors can interact with you by their chosen method it gives your website added credibility.