Autumn Shoes: Zara And Trends You Cannot Miss

The autumn shoes and monopolize every shop window fashion with ideal models, advocating the trends most current. The reality is that this new season, the footwear will remain similar to last year, but with a lot of nuances. So, let’s look at 10 models of shoes, which we can find in Zara, and that will surely become our favorites of the season.



The printed shoes begin to be seen this fall season. At Zara, we can find loafers with upholstered effect and autumnal pattern ideal. Although, it is true, we need a degree of irreverence to bet on this type of footwear.


Among the most characteristic autumn shoes are the dancers. The flat footwear comes stomping and succumbing to all kinds of trends. When we talk about the autumn clones, not long ago, we could imagine that ballet dancers with streaks and rocky aesthetics would come out in a brazen way.


Zara seems to have been very inspired by the classic two-color salons of Chanel. For this, the Spanish brand bets on a shoe with a high and low heel. They are perfect for day to day life.


Not long ago we went shopping and dedicated to some of the most characteristic autumn shoes. We talk about the velvet shoes that, without a doubt, are going to become the most striking of the season. These basic rooms of Zara have fascinated me.


The white sneakers continue to be part of our lives and obviously autumn shoes could not forget them. So, Zara, among many other options, bet on these simple shoes with a small silver detail on the heel. They are ideal, so what?


Among the autumn trends, which we will begin to see soon, patent leather stands as a necessity. In this sense, patent leather shoes will return without giving us an option to decide. In Zara, we have these fine pointed and cordoned booties.


Moccasins and flat shoes will have their reign this fall winter. If, in addition, we bet on velvet, pony skin, hair or any other crazy trend we will be taking the cat to the water.


I just told you that the hair reaches the shoes of autumn to turn into fun and packed pieces. These simple Zara sandals are my favorite of the moment.


The pompoms and tassels are not a novelty for the current footwear, but I could not help showing you these pale leather sandals plucked from pompoms. I love!


Last year I already told you that musketeers boots would be an essential part of our dressing room. But, girls, the shoes of autumn 2016 are nothing if XXL boots. These of Zara are elastic and super cheap.