Guide for a novice driver to make the first trip more pleasurable experience

Making a road trip involves some difficulty but we do daily tours, even if more recently we have the driving license does. That is why if we want to carry out a long-haul journey should take any prior action.

A first step is to drive a vehicle that has received proper maintenance. The second step is that the driver himself is in the best position to deal with such journeys.

That said, I think there are a number of tips for a novice driver should know before facing his first trip, and do not concern neither the state nor the driver of the vehicle.

1) Learn watching

If you are still novice driver, you lack enough experience to deal with this sort of route. Be patient, and you will find that over time and kilometers will improve as a driver.

If you are determined to do so, I recommend that at the next opportunity, let an experienced person who is driving, and you sit in the passenger seat watching an active maneuvers.

novice driver

2) Be advised

Done this you are ready to face your first trip, although it would be desirable that this time was the experienced driver who sits to your right. The experience is a plus, and by dint of making trips, something just learning.

3) The load

One of the circumstances that make it different from a normal trip journey is what is usually charged for the vehicle. For this reason, it is recommended to not make a trip with a car you do not know.

This is because during a trip is possible that you face situations (a steep ramp prolonged) in which you need a good portion of the available power, and may surprise lose of response that may suffer a vehicle when it is loaded, for example, if you are using air conditioning.

4) Speed

Adapt your speed to the road and the particular circumstances are essential, and this is why my recommendation is not on maximum (it is clear that you should never skip them), but on minimum.

You may feel more comfortable circulating more slowly but is not recommended that you get the minimum speed of the track and you would be increasing the risk of reach.

5) The overtaking

Linking to the previous point, certainly you have to overtake vehicles driving slower than you (mainly trucks) do. The time you try to maneuver as early as possible, does not expect to be stuck to the vehicle ahead of you to intercalate between vehicles traveling in the left lane.

If it still has not been possible to you, do not be nervous, keeps a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you and hopes to have the opportunity to overtake. If you drive a car loaded, returning to the above, note that it may cost you more than you may think to pass you.

Another aspect that can be given during overtaking is finding a driver whose precious time stop you wait a few seconds to perform the overtaking maneuver. If this individual decides to stick too much or give bursts to swerve, it is normal to get nervous, but not scared.

Do not exceed the speed limit because the driver coming behind you think you ride too slowly, simply return to your lane at the time when safely, you have exceeded the vehicle you wanted to overtake. Nor tempted to reprimand him by the action you just made, just not worth it.

6) You are lord and master

If finally you who drive, you must make decisions for yourself. This does not mean that you do not let advised by the friendly driver you take your right. I mean rather not give in to the pressures of impatient passengers who may want to force (“and never got”) so that you ride at a pace too high, which not comfortable, or not to place a stop every 2 hours or 200 kilometers.

Do not be ashamed for being a novice driver, we’ve all been at some point, so if your uncomprehending passengers want faster than wise move, you better do it themselves.

There is also another observation I would like to make. It is very normal to be stressed more than normal during a trip, and this is dangerous not only because it inadvisable it is to drive in that state, if not because eventually you get tired more. Simply makes more frequent stops or driver changes.

7) Navigation

Note that it is more difficult to move along a road you do not know which one you familiar. In this way, and to minimize this disadvantage, it is best to carefully examine time and the route you will take.

Do not be tempted to introduce to start up the address in the browser GPS, as prior knowledge will help you anticipate the tour, and it is possible that your browser does not this enough updated.

8) The fuel

It may seem silly, but keep in mind that you should not rush the deposit. The fact that the scope prompted the onboard computer is greater than the distance to your destination, does not mean you have to refuel before.

I recommend this because, for example, it is normal that in the entrances or exits to big cities or tourist destinations jams form, and my faith that they can last for hours. If you always wear tank above a quarter full you will not see a rush in such circumstances.

9) You also were novel

There will come a time when no longer be an inexperienced driver, but that does not mean you are the best driver in the world, nor should be, or believing it is recommended that you do not have in any account of these tips.

Obviously, these tips are quite personal, and it is possible that some of you do not comparators completely or in part this guide. However, I think the common sense and experience (largely transmitted by the driver who accompanied me on my first trips) have inspired these tips. I hope you find them helpful.

Six tips to turn a road trip in a more pleasurable experience

Many drivers who see road trips as something heavy and hardly enjoyable, especially when necessity is a mere formality to reach our destination. In this article, we think there are many ways to enjoy traveling by road. Moreover, we believe that the journey can be an event in itself, provided we seize the moment and make know the good from the road.

Usually, the reports on car trips proposed safety tips so you do not go on vacation without checking the car, tires, pressure … Of course, safety comes first, but ignoring that, we prefer to give this time a series of tips on how to enjoy the journey and what ways are there to make it a pleasant experience.

Not always one has the option to decide how you will make your trip , how long it will take for it or what path will follow, but if we want to enjoy a trip (on holiday, for example), it makes sense to lend some attention to the course itself, not to make it an event long, tedious and desired. If possible, take things calmly and try the road trip as another day of your vacation, rather than “the day of transport”.

Plan the route and discover places

A sure way to your destination there are very interesting places to discover, even in passing. Stops of this type, to find a gazebo, a castle or a charming village, are what make the trip worthwhile and, above all, an experience that generates great memories.

You can always choose the fastest route (both GPS and Google Maps you propose it), but we believe it is better to macerate you a route without hurry. There are hundreds of towns and places to discover. For example, there are places dream, and we do not know. We go abroad without knowing what we have at home. Therefore, it never hurts proposed the day as an adventure and not as heavy trip ever.

If possible, avoid areas that are common traffic problems. Nobody likes being stuck in traffic, wasting time, and always seems to be an alternative route. Maybe longer, but certainly more entertaining than standing next to other drivers. Avoid driving bumper to bumper, which is what they call the Anglo – Saxons to the slow movement, “bumper to bumper”.

Prepare your favorite music

Fundamental to enjoy a driving tour is to choose the right music for the moment. The radio is fine, but if you do many kilometers and, according to where it is likely to miss the signal directly or not be able to tune into your favorite station, but does not reach where you are. Thus, a rich selection of music (nowadays with MP3 is easier than ever) is always an important requirement for travel.

Ask yourself also, what style of music is more pleasant for a road trip. You may be a lover of electronic music, with more drums per minute gives your washing machine spinning round, but may not be driving the most appropriate style. Not in the animated world, nor slower, lest you fall asleep find something great for traveling and consider the tastes of those traveling with you. This selection of the top 20 rock albums like helps you decide.

Exit the motorway and looking for some fun

Driving on the motorway or highway does not pose any fun unless we are in a stretch unlimited German Autobahn, where you can unleash the right foot and put all our senses on the road. The best idea is to avoid the main roads and secondary roads find them more fun, curvy, mountain passes and offer generally a higher level of entertainment.

Who tells you which way to your destination no a stretch of mountain worth a rally stage, in which car on the way? Can you to know in advance that you find you unexpectedly or you have documented before starting the journey. Either way, the outcome is the same: avoid the boring primary road network, discover new places and, above all, give joy to the body and, if the area worth, in our view.

Dispenses automation

Rare is the model that provides longer, albeit optionally a cruise control, which allows you to remove the foot of the pedal and the car maintain a constant speed. Advances are fine, and there are even adaptive cruise controls (ACC), which vary the speed of your vehicle depending on the car that precedes us, but … is ideal if you are looking to enjoy the trip and driving itself?

Bring us control of the vehicle allows us to put the attention on the road and, therefore, reduce the chance of getting bored as oysters. The fewer concerns we have, the more time we will give tiring trip. Better, watch out driving and forget automation, especially when we have proposed a pleasant experience. Take command and learn how to entertain!

Eat, drink and rest

How good is our intention, we will always need a crash pad for a snack or a drink, or even eat. Stop occasionally is a good idea, though not Let’s smoke or need to go to the bathroom every hour. If you have left the highway, you will breathe some fresh air, stretch your legs quickly, and take a picture from the viewpoint with which you will come across or get some energy to continue.

We also recommend avoiding sites roadside food or service areas, because sure to find something better and cheaper just around the corner. There are many applications to find restaurants or bars in your vicinity, and allow even see the score you have given users, the menu or prices. Worry a little more and come out winning.

Enjoy the moment and skip the plan

Finally, you say that you can ignore some of the advice, all or none because after all, it is to enjoy and everyone does it his way. It poses a plan but do not have problem skip it to ride roughshod if you really want to do something else. This is to enjoy the journey, take a pleasurable experience and, of course, to make your own decisions and use the time in the best way possible.