Outlet: Another Option For Weddings, Baptisms And Communions

In bad weather … Weddings, baptisms, and communions! How unlucky are all those who chose May as a date to celebrate their wedding or the baptism and communion of their children? And it is that the saying goes, “in April, thousand glasses of water” and “until May 40, do not take off your shirt”. But it is that this year it seems that the umbrella and the clothes are more insistent than ever in continuing to lead the days of this unique spring.

Even so, the events follow and we have to continue hunting and catching the outfits for the BBC. The other day Maria told us that she has a baptism, which does not have to be very tidy, and does not know what to wear. In addition, we proposed that if the model could be reused, better, than better.

This weekend I’ve been spinning my head and I remembered the Outlet! I think they are a very good choice for when you do not have a very high budget, the protagonists of the ceremony in question are not very close or the appointment does not require mega go of label!

One of the possibilities is the Mango Outlet which also offers the possibility of buying online, great because you do not have to give the walk-in vain! They have really interesting dresses and they can get us out of a hurry!

I propose several options! The first dress is ideal! I do not know if you remember him, in the season was also in gold. It is silk, empire cut, balloon finished and stamped in brown and metallic. It cost 79.90 dollars and in the Outlet of Mango, you have it for 39.90. My advice is that you remove the belt, its plastic, and you put another, a sash. The gold would give you a lot of light.

A cheaper option would be the next. For 17.95 dollars you already have dress!!! Very simple, very cute and with many possibilities! Add-ons and colors are key! I see it with red, green, fuchsia, silver, pink stick.

Another dress that caught my attention is this. Very summery, with a very youthful design that can be given a different touch complemented with red. The dress rings to me that it was of one of the exclusive editions, it could be the one of Paris, and cost 79.90. In the Outlet, it costs 39.90 dollars.

This one I have too! From 49.9o it goes to 24.95. It is silk and has a great cut! The drawback is that maybe she has a lot of cleavages but surely something happens to you. The fabric is divine and in it, you feel like a little princess, I combine it with white, beige or gold shoes.

This purple dress, which is only in black, costs 19.95 dollars and also offers a few possibilities. To another, that would remove the belt and give a touch of brightness with a belt of precious stones or a metal sash … Whatever happens to you!!!

Another one that has a great price is this black and white dress. In season 44.90 dollars and now 24.95! It is another of my acquisitions, although in the photo does not say much, I assure you that post wins points! With red shoes.

And this dress, although it is forbidden for weddings, is very valid for baptisms and communions. The color, whatever you want! Ideal for outdoor celebrations! From 74.95 dollars passes in the Outlet to 39.90.

And you have you found an outlet?

I have several of them that I am proud of: gold leather bag for 14.95 dollars and a silk dress for 39, 90 dollars for Massimo Dutti, Puma boots for 12 dollars, Miss Sixty for 36 dollars and 2 jeans Pepe Jeans for 45!!!