Traveling During the Holidays in Your RV

Traveling during the holidays in your RV can be one of the best and most unique experiences that many people ever have. Truly, the RV lifestyle is such that you can make it into whatever you wish. This includes a little family outing or even living and traveling with your hybrid RV full-time. Those just starting out in this type of lifestyle will be in for a real treat. This includes excitement and new beginnings. Many people try to keep a few of their existing traditions while others tend to create new traditions entirely.


One of the first decisions that you need to make when traveling for the holidays in your hybrid RV is where do want to spend your time. Yes, this might seem like an easy decision, but with the open road in front of you, it can be anything but easy! Then, if you are traveling with a family, each member may have a different idea of where they would like to spend the holidays.

Voting is a popular method, although some people even flip a coin (heads California, tails Carolina?). It is really up to you. Maybe this is a decision to be made on the basis of the weather. Would you prefer your holidays in a cold weather climate or in a warmer locale? Yes, with an RV lifestyle you could even have both. How about Thanksgiving on the beach in Florida and then Christmas in the Dakotas?

Traveling During the Holidays in Your RV

Decorating Your RV:

Yes, a number of RV owners do indeed decorate their vehicles for the holidays, especially Christmas. They have even done a number of surveys to determine what the most popular decoration options are. Most owners will hang Christmas lights on the outside of their RV, sometimes in unique shapes (just like on houses). Other owners like setting up a number of different types of decorations around their entire campsite.

Other owners can get even more inventive, really decking the halls inside and outside the RV. This may include various decorations added to the dashboard or even an actual Christmas tree inside the vehicle. Of course, space is at a premium so this needs to be well thought out, especially if you will be using a small natural tree. Maybe even consider placing a Christmas wreath on the grill.

Basically, anything that you can do as far as decorating a house can also be done in or to your RV. Just remember that it is on a smaller scale. Maybe even think about setting up your own holiday light show.

Use The RV To Experience New Holiday Events:

One interesting idea for spending your holiday traveling with your hybrid RV is to consider going somewhere with interesting holiday events. This could be a great way to expand you horizons and have some unique experiences. There are some really nice holiday boat parades and events on both coasts, although more prevalent in California.

There are also all kinds of offbeat events. Just take a look online or in guide books and see what ends up striking your fancy. Who knows, this might just end up leading you to making your own holiday traditions. At the very least, you will have some great stories with which to wow your friends and family. Speaking of family, that is also always an option. Why not consider visiting some family? You would not need to feel like you are imposing since you have your own accommodations.

Written by Mait Parker. Mait loves to travel and spend time with his family.