Is your family restaurant giving them what they want?

Brits are a nation of exotic eaters. Thanks to years of colonising and foreign holidays, our tiny island has developed a love of all foods Indian, American, European, Australian…well, all foods really. And the evidence is there on supermarket shelves. These days you’d have reason to feel proud of yourself if you could pronounce every item you found there.

Is your family restaurant giving them what they want

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And it’s no different at the restaurant, or at least it shouldn’t be. Being able to choose what’s on your plate regardless of who’s eating, is a big part of deciding to go out to eat and in the restaurant business it’s important to stay on top of the trends to keep all the family happy from Italian Restaurants Dublin City Centre like to French food in London.

The nation’s favourite foods

Year after year, UK respondents answer that for British food, a Sunday roast is their favourite restaurant food. And with good reason. It’s tasty and time consuming to make and clear up after. But you have to admit, it’s not exactly everyday food, and did you know 11% of the population now considers themselves vegetarian or mostly vegetarian? Possibly for this reason, pasta usually comes in a strong second place. It’s easy and versatile and for many restaurant visitors a safe choice and Indian meals in which prawn or tofu can easily replace meat are also a firm favourite.

Preparing for customer satisfaction

But luckily you don’t need to prepare all these different meals from scratch. With a little extra prep and enough cool storage, it’s easy to list new menu items. Cash and carry locations supply a good choice of frozen sauce bases for you to add fresh ingredients to and rice and pasta can be precooked during prep. And if you have a good commercial fridge freezer you can help other caterers make the right choice when they’re extending their menus.

It might be hard to believe that a family restaurant should be expected to cover such a repertoire but you only have to look at the leading names, places such as Wetherspoon’s, to see how they attempt to cover all the bases. You probably don’t need to go that far, but adding a wider range to your menu will lead to happier customers and happier customers means more business.