Reasons to choose a villa holiday

If you’ve never spent a holiday staying in a villa, then maybe it’s time you gave it a try this summer. There’s something very special and different about a holiday spent in private luxury, calling your own shots and immersing yourself more in the culture of the country you’re visiting. Here are some top reasons why you should choose a villa holiday this year:


Money is one of the biggest factors affecting holiday decisions. You might think a villa is far more expensive than booking a hotel, but it can actually be much more cost effective. If you are travelling with family or friends, it gets even cheaper as you pay for the whole property for one or two weeks and spread the cost between you.

Feels Like Home

To get the kind of luxury experienced in a villa, you’d have to spend a lot of money to get the equivalent from a hotel room. A villa is more like a home from home, when at worst a hotel room is little more than a bed and a shower. When you stay in a hotel, the aim is usually to get up, dressed and leave as soon as possible whereas with a villa, you can truly relax as the accommodation is all part of the experience.

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Tailor your experience

A hotel might not quite match your tastes whereas you can choose the exact villa style you want. Do you crave something chic and contemporary, or do you have your heart set on cosy country living? Booking a private holiday home means you can call the shots, whether you want a hilltop hideaway or a beachfront base. For Kas Villa Rental, visit


There are tons of additional perks that come with a private villa. A hotel pool has to be shared with other guests and then there’s the early morning dash to put a towel on a sun lounger! With a villa, you can have all these amenities all to yourself – including pools, gyms, saunas, games rooms and barbecues. You’ll also get a garden if you want one.

Perfect for families

It can be hard work travelling with children, especially when it comes to meal times and snacks. In a hotel you are restricted by restaurant opening times whereas with a villa, you can access the kitchen any time you need to. There are spaces to stretch out and play, lawns, gardens or pool areas for example. Most villas come with a DVD player, board games, books and other child-friendly accessories to make your life easier and keep everyone entertained.

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Travel with pets

If taking your pet is important to you, you’re unlikely to find this option on offer with a hotel. However, many villas will accept dogs which saves you the worry, hassle and expense of pet care while you’re away.

Immerse yourself

If your idea of a foreign holiday is not to isolate yourself in a tourist resort, eating British food and lying on the same spot of beach every day, then you’ll love the freedom of a villa holiday. Staying in a home gives you a much more authentic experience. You’ll need to get supplies from a local store, perhaps drive and have more opportunity to use the local language. You’ll get more of a feel for the country and culture, living as if you live there.