Reasons to love Pantomime Preston!


The best thing about panto is the combination of different types of music from the latest pop songs and rock ballads to Disney and musical theatre. What’s even better? The audience always gets the chance to sing along.

The Classic Storyline

The majority of pantos we know and love are based on classic fairy tales, such as Cinderella or Peter Pan. Now there are various Pantos based on another stories, but at heart they all follow the structure of a typical fairy tale, featuring a story of love, conflict, some sort of misunderstanding, and the final resolution. For details about Pantomime Preston, visit a site like Lancashire Life.

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Good Fairy

Speaking of conflict, there is always a fairy on hand to guide the hero or heroes on their way with a bit of magic where necessary. Of course, they may not always be the smartest, but they do have the best interests of the hero or heroine at heart.

The baddie always loses in the end

There wouldn’t be much of a story if the good guys didn’t have any villains to battle against. From the Evil Stepmother to the Wicked Witch and the Bad Fairy, they will attempt everything they can to prevent good from succeeding. However, we all love a chance to hiss and boo as they continue to laugh at us.

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It’s Behind You!

Audience participation is another feature of the classic pantomime, and it’s a part of panto that both little kids and big kids enjoy the most!