Some signs your drain might be blocked

We all need our drains and sewage systems to be working as efficiently as possible to prevent wastewater and products from being blocked and backing up into our homes. This creates very unpleasant smells and isn’t good for our health. If you find that you are regularly having problems with your drains you should speak with a Drainage Cleaning company such as Wilkinson who will be able to take care of this for you.

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you have an issue somewhere in the drains or sewers.

It’s a telling sign of a crack somewhere in your sewer system if you smell sewage in or near your home or house. A sewer should be as airtight as possible. This means, unless there is a gap or opening in your sanitary sewer lines, you can never smell the sewer odour. Thankfully!

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A symptom of blockage development that will ultimately result in sewage backflow could be slow drainage. Even after you’ve tried to drain the pipe, issues such as tree roots, pipe obstruction or cracks could be the culprit if your toilet or sink is slowly emptying.

Mould growth can also be a sign of sewer pipes bursting. To begin to appear, some moulds only need more than 55 percent moisture. With this in mind, a broken sewer pipe will increase the level of humidity to a point where mould can become an issue.