Dressing tips for men in their 30s

The age 30’s decade is about consolidating your clothing into a cohesive lifestyle and a wardrobe to match. If your 20s are all about experimenting and seeking new looks, different attitudes and even different occupations then the 30’s is about settling into a comfortable look and practice. This can be a bit of a juggling act, integrating factors such as maturity and the need to appear competent. There is still a need to retain an enjoyable aspect, and maintain a budget that will need to be included a mortgage and even kids. A nice Mens Ralph Lauren Sweater from EJ Menswear is a great start.

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When you are young, it is easy to go for the crazy trend, but getting older means assessing what fits for you and gathering items that you know are fine, flattering and a fitting style. You should have a good understanding of what suits you and what does not  by this age. Colours are a fine place to start. If this is  in question, stick to classics with your accessories and add personality.

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Any cuts and designs that looked super-cool when you were 22 won’t fit on you 15 years later; skinny jeans, for example, look fine on lithe limbs that are barely out of puberty, but may look like you’re working too hard on someone close to 40.

Jeans are cut more generously and it would last a long time.  For these customised pieces to nail the smart casual look they should be an encouragement to keep in shape. Chinos, particularly in a neutral colour and worn with a T-shirt or button-down shirt, are also a flexible choice for the bottom half. For a more formal style, you should add a scarf.