Roofing facts you might not know

How often do you think about the roof over your head. Well if you are anything like me, probably only when you need to call a Roofing Cheltenham company to come in and repair some of the tiles that get blown off in high winds. But the roof on your property is integral to the structure that keeps you nice and dry and warm and away from the environmental elements that are outdoors.

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Here are some interesting facts about roofs that you might not have heard of.

  • Thatched roofs have been used for hundreds of years and they are still used in parts of the country now and on some listed buildings. Thatch works as the reeds that are used in its construction are waterproof. The reeds are bundled together tightly and any water, snow or sleet that falls on it simply runs off. It is important that you have your thatch roof maintained to prevent water from seeping into your home.
  • Metal roofs might actually be safer in lightning storms than other materials as the metal does not attract the lightning any more than wood or slate but it isn’t combustible like the other materials used in roofing can be.

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  • A flat roof is not actually flat. Every roof needs to have some kind of pitch on it to allow water to run off. A truly flat roof would result in water pooling in areas and damage occurring to the roof surface underneath.