Open kitchen Yes or No? 7 Keys to bet on the Open Concept

The open kitchens are being imposed in many versatile, functional, bright, and also casas.Son allow better use of space, especially in smaller homes. However, betting to open the kitchen to the living room is a very complicated decision in the world of interior design since not only aesthetic criteria must prevail.

Also influences, and much, the personality, lifestyle and the way in which the owners of the house live in it. In fact, the open concept is not suitable for everyone. If you are hesitating to open or open your kitchen to the living room, here are some tips that the Kitchen Furniture Association gives us

1. The common area must adapt to the kitchen and not the other way around. From the moment you are thinking of opening the kitchen to the rest of the house, you must involve the professional who is going to install the kitchen. You have to be aware that you can have an idea about how you want your kitchen, but then, there are factors such as water and electricity intakes or vents, determine the distribution and design.

2. Think aesthetics well. The kitchen is one of the most difficult parts to project in a house. And in addition, their furniture and appliances have to give a good result, especially in the houses where more is cooked. For open kitchens, AMC manufacturers recommend using pure line furniture and natural materials that are easily integrated into the surrounding environment.

Kitchens in which minimalism should be the protagonist, together with islands, tables and unique chairs to give a touch of originality to the room while avoiding a break between kitchen and living room giving an aesthetic continuity.

3. Think about your life habits . I mean, after cooking, do you have time to pick up the kitchen? If you are thinking about opening the kitchen, you should keep in mind that it will be in view of everyone. So if you are a lazy person or not too neat, maybe having an open kitchen is not an idea too good. To solve this problem of order (or disorder), in addition to structuring a good storage system, you can always put a sliding door that you can open or close to taste.

4. Aesthetics, fundamental . When having a kitchen seen, you have to take care of even the smallest detail. And to minimize the visual impact of the different elements of your kitchen, you can place less aesthetic furniture in the most hidden areas, expose the most attractive, panelar appliances,

5. The problem of kitchen smell throughout the house . If you have an open kitchen, it is very likely that at certain times (except if you are the group of people who never cook), the aromas invade the room. To try to avoid it, or at least minimize it, it is essential to have a powerful extractor hood to control odors, smoke and humidity. In this sense, it is important that the hood covers, at least, the width of the plate, and that it is located at about 47-55 centimeters in height.

6. Efficiency, silence and order . These three standards guarantee the success of any open kitchen. The appliances must be state-of-the-art and have maximum energy efficiency in order to make the kitchen a sustainable and economical space. In addition, when sharing space with the living room and the living area, it is essential that the appliances are silent to ensure comfort in your day to day.

7. Take care of the exterior design, but also the interior design . It is good to take care of the furniture design, but it is equally important to take care of the interior of these. Cabinets, drawers with drawers and integrated containers for recycling will make your life easier.