How To Search A Live In Housekeeper

Live in housekeepers are domestic experts whose responsibilities often far outstretch the common household cleaning and organizing chores implied by their title. Many help with a variety of other domicile duties like meal preparation and childcare. Some of the functions are more of a personal assistant than a housekeeper by running errands and screening phone calls. The services provided by a live-in housekeeper change greatly depending on both the individual and the employer. In any event, you are inviting someone to live in your home, so you must be keen and careful in the hiring process. The following are the things you need to consider when finding live-in housekeepers:

1. Know a dedicated space in your home that will serve as the housekeeper’s living quarters. You must make sure there are enough space and privacy to offer a relaxing and convenient living arrangement for everyone.

2. You must set boundaries. Distinguish what limitations will be concerning the laundry facilities and groceries as well as family spaces and visitors, if you have any. Set guidelines for the house rules before inviting someone to move into your home to avoid awkward situations later.

3. You must write a brief job description. Clearly define your expectations regarding the housekeeper’s responsibilities. What will her daily tasks be? Weekly? Before you can start the hiring process, you must have a clear idea about your needs and requirements. You also must know and assess your spending budget. How much do you intend to pay as far as a salary beyond room and board?

4. Consult a professional staffing agency, preferably one that specializes in matching live in employees with potential employers. This may simplify your search a great deal because the agency employs the housekeeper and therefore handles the screening process for you. These specialized staffing agencies typically run background checks and verify employment history as well as check references and conduct drug screenings to confirm the integrity of every individual they employ.

5. You can advertise the position. You must place a listing in the classified section of your local newspaper or an online job data bank to find several qualified applicants. Ask your friends and family for advice as well. Someone may be able to recommend a live-in housekeeper who previously worked for them or one of their acquaintances. This will provide valuable insight into a potential live-in housekeeper‘s work ethic and reliability from a source you can trust.