The impossible rationalization of schedules to improve the conciliation

If we do a small survey around us it will not be strange to find several people who complain about their work schedules. If we add the care of minors or dependents, the balances that many of them have to do to be able, not to reconcile, but to reconcile employment and care are worthy. And, as it seems, rationalization is impossible of schedules to improve the conciliation.

The CEOE has recently presented a document, “Business Perspective on the Reconciliation of Work and Family Life” in which it addresses the issue and which makes me deeply pessimistic about this issue. No company wants to close before and stop providing services to its customers, especially when the competition does not. There are very few companies that do a continuous shift, say from 8 to 4 and close. And this is a serious inconvenience for many workers.

A business fabric where 7 x 24 is very common

In part, it is justified by the composition of the business fabric. The services sector represents 75.5% of companies in, including hotels, transport, storage or commerce. It is a sector where the hours are extensive by definition, although throughout the day have moments in which almost no customers.

To this is added that 76.7% of companies have 5 or less employees. Thus it is very complicated to establish shifts, where employees can carry out their work day, to cover an extended opening hours. Nowadays working from 9 to 6, with a break of one hour to eat or from 8 to 4 in turn followed is practically a luxury.

Having a good schedule has become a luxury available to very few workers

This does not mean that progress has not been made with regard to conciliation. There is a greater sensitivity in this respect, but perhaps it goes in the wrong line. A greater awareness of companies and employees is needed to improve the organization and that everyone has better chances of reconciling personal and family life, without compromising the viability of the business. And here it seems that there is willingness to agree on the part of many companies.

But in many cases, progress is made in the wrong direction, since not only are long hours kept, but many times you have to answer calls or answer emails after hours. Technology has not only favored many workers, who previously left the office and ended their day. Now they are still late and continue when they get home answering emails or messages from customers.

Reduction of working hours and tax relief for domestic employees

The reduction of working hours is one of the most used measures currently to facilitate conciliation, but it is a problem for professional development, if not an interruption of their career, which may affect the promotion of employees, their benefits or contributions to the Social Security.

Here the proposal of the CEOE to be able to deduct the expenses of domestic employees seems to me a joke . An executive may consider hiring someone to take care of their children or pick them up from school, but most employees have to rely on family members or the solidarity of other parents when they have a problem.

Reconciliation does not have to be approached from an exclusive point of view of paternity or maternity . An employee with more free time will be more productive, disconnect better and arrive the next day cooler. Not only do they have the right to reconcile employees with children. But neither does it end when these children enter school.

If you arrive thinking that you have left the child in school a little bit of regulero and you do not know if they are going to call you to pick it up,they call you insurance, that is a day lost at work. Having a bank of hours to use in companies freely in these cases is a great help. Teleworking for these issues can be a great help, which is not really taken into account.

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