Top Headstone Materials

A headstone is the general term for any memorial stone made for a funeral plot. For centuries, these stones have been used to commemorate loved ones who have died. Different cultures from around the world use some kind of gravestone memorial as a tribute to the dead, a common inclusion being an inscription in praise of the deceased or quotations, images or poems.

Headstones can be made of various materials such as:


Bronze is a metal alloy which has been routinely used to make tombstones for hundreds of years. They are popular because they do not need much care and are available in various designs and options.


Granite is one of the most stunning and durable of natural stones and has been a top choice in producing headstones. Granite is tough and can come in beautiful colours. With granite, skilled artisans can create intricate designs carved on the stone. The quality of granite means it can withstand the test of time for many years.

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This is a great material to carve intricate designs and stones made of marble come with very intricate and beautiful designs. For more information about Marble Headstones, consider the Abbey Memorials Marble Headstones.


This material can be cut in a variety of custom shapes and sizes to create customized tombstones. It’s available in light shades such as sandy or grey and is highly durable.


This particular material is durable and can last for generations. But one made of wrought iron cannot stand the test of time. This uncommon type of headstone is made by a casting specialist or local blacksmith.

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Because of its smooth and pleasant texture, slate was also popular for a while. It was simple to carve and often seen with gilding or white paint. It is quite porous, however, with a tendency to crumble over time.


The earliest forms of headstones were made of fieldstones. Natural fieldstones were used to make a good epitaph left marked or decorated using a metal awl. Typically, the stone included symbols and the name and age of the deceased.


This was a popular material in the Georgian and Victorian eras. It was made with intricate designs, but because it lacks the durability factor, this material was soon replaced by more durable materiala. Due to natural decomposition, wood cannot survive more than 50 to 100 years.

Which one to choose?

It is vital to pick materials that can last for many years to come. In terms of strength and long-lasting qualities, granite and marble are top choices. You can make a choice between these two materials based on your budget.