Three Key Principles of Interior Design

If you think about where you spend the most time when you’re at home its most likely in these three places, the bedroom, the kitchen or the living room. Since we spend the most amount of time in those three rooms its makes sense to make sure they’re the most comfortable and up to date rooms in the house. Redesigning your bedroom bedroom and updating your kitchen are two of the most indulged in D.I.Y projects, however there is something really special about redecorating your living room,

If you regularly read design and lifestyle blogs you’ll no doubt have come across the 3 most important principles of living room design. Interior design has always been about getting the most out of your space and creating a consistent theme across all the elements in your living room, these two ideas form the fundamental pillars of all interior design projects and once you start to incorporate them into your thinking, all your interior design projects will appear more cohesive and organised.

From these two ideas there are three key principles that you can use as a checklist for each of your project. If you are a novice interior design enthusiast or a season professional these three principles are important and should always be adhered to in  any renovation or makeover project you undertake.

Try To Achieve Harmony Across Your Room

A well designed living room is one which consist of a constant theme and clear style. Often people create living rooms which they are comfortable in or used to, however these rooms aren’t what you’d consider well designed.The rooms are full and character and life however in strict interior design terms they’re poorly constructed. A living room where there are individual pieces of furniture and decor will often be seen as “too busy” or “having too much going on”. To create harmony in your living room, pick furniture and furnishings which complement each other, you can do this through creating a colour scheme and extending this into a decor plan which will guide you as to which colours you can use and what type of furnishings will suit your room style.

Remember To Balance Everything 

This is a really important thing to remember when designing or re-decorating a living room and it’s an idea borrowed from the fashion and beauty blogs. In beauty the aim is to make the face as symmetrical as possible and this has been carried over into interior design too. Balance can either be completely symmetrical where the same piece of decor or furniture is added on both sides of the room, this was the more traditional way of balancing a room, however it’s been phased out in favour of asymmetrical balance. Asymmetrical balance is where both sides of the room are given the same visual weight but not necessarily using the same objects. Whichever method you use its important to make sure your room is balanced.

Create a Focal Point

This point can be used across all rooms in your house, however it’s most important in living room design. Creating a focal point in your living room allows you to build your furniture around it, as well as creating an anchor which will form the base of your room. Good examples of focal points are fireplaces, large windows and coffee tables. Whatever element you decide on using to create your focal point make sure its significant enough to draw the attention of everyone who enters your living room.

Interior design because simple once you remember the three key principles above and hopefully the advice in this article will inspire and guide your next living room renovation.