The anti aging quest for Men.

Increasingly in our society, and rightly so, the emphasis on finding ways to slow the aging effects in men has become almost as large a market as that for women. The growth in this area of products has been huge as men start to feel the pressure that women have been subjected to for decades. This is true of the full range of products that men can now expect to use and most are in a similar vein to women. One of the biggest changes is that product levels are different in terms of what is put in the various creams and lotions available. Men have been taught culturally and in advertising to “splash it all over” as this old 1970’s Brut advert illustrates obliging manufacturers to scale down the amount as men tend to go over the top in the amount they are appling.

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Others are looking to cosmetic surgery industry but Non surgical facelift Cardiff based treatment companies offers a better alternative than going under the knife. What other means are there for men to combat the signs of aging.

  1. Health diet and eating well. It is not a hard task to apply this to your lifestyle. Men have always had a more toxic existence in comparison to women when you look at the levels of drinking excessively, smoking and the nature of work. However this is changing with men taking more of an interest, getting down the gym and generally looking into well men clinics.
  2. Hair Dye. There was for many decades an acceptance of the greying of mens hair. It showed maturity and seasoned outlook. In fact, there are examples of young men in the 1950’s adding flour to their hair to fake grey it and make them look more distinguished. Now however there is a plethora of products around to help men return to there natural colour in beard and head hair. Although, as the picture below shows, some of us can still get away with it!

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  1. Face Creams. We all could do with a facial scrub and moisturising routine anyway but now there is much more choice with vitamins and lipids added specifically for a Mans face and skin over the feminine.
  2. Fashion changes. Clothes and attitudes have simply moved on. We are less inclined to culturally accept the man who doesn’t try and take care of himself a bit more especially as there are plenty of affordable ways for men to not let the aging process affect them or their outlook on life. As we are all living longer we have a responsibility to try and retain our bodies to keep them as healthy and young looking as possible for our old age and men cannot escape that responsibility anymore.