Packing up the home for a move. The Keys to success

You’ve got the mortgage sorted out and its time to pack up the old house and move to the new one. Where on earth do you start? Well you don’t need to do it if you don’t want to as there are people like this House Removal Tewkesbury based firm at who can do it for you but a bit of prep work does not go a miss. Its very much a wood for trees moment in life especially as you’re probably still riding the euphoria of getting a mortgage agreed and finalised with lenders and solicitors plus the people selling the house. This is a trial in itself. Ok sit down let’s have a cup of tea or coffee and see what needs to be done first.

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Assuming you’re not moving next week it’s a good idea to start as soon as possible. Designate a room or area of a room or a garage if you have a nice water tight one for the storage of the moving boxes. You will need loads of storage boxes and these are easily available to buy. A quick tip for you Banana boxes are sealable, and your local supermarket will have hundreds that will only end up being recycled so a trip there might be worth an asking. They won’t charge you for them. The other things you’ll need are newspapers and magazines for packing away the valuables and a good roll of bubble wrap might not be a bad idea either. You’ll need packing tape to seal it all up and possibly even some covers for the furniture to protect it in the van. If your taking them with you start to dissemble wardrobes and cupboards making sure you keep the bits together and marked clearly. When packing up the boxes don’t make them too heavy. The last thing you want is to start the new home with a sciatic nerve gone. Try and stick to one room at a time as well. Once its done shut the door and forget about it. Time to move on to the next one.

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It’s a good idea to have a clear out of all the stuff you don’t want to take. Have a sale out the front or stick it on the local and national online seller’s formats to clear some stuff out. Alternatively, just take it to the local charity shop if its furniture and give it to a new home. One last thing label your boxes clearly. You could devise a colour chart blue for bathroom red for living room that sort of thing. The advantage of that is that you can get the kids into help you by colouring the boxes the right colour.

Good luck with your move, hopefully you want to have to do it again for a good long while.