Is content still king in the world of marketing?

It’s been twenty years since Bill Gates coined the expression ‘content is king’ – twenty years in which the internet has seen exponential growth as it becomes a part of everyday life for so many of us. So have things changed? Is content less important than it was back then?

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Customer numbers will make or break your business

In today’s global marketplace just about anyone can build a website. Think of a product or service and it’s easy enough to use drag and drop digital technology to set up a site and start selling. What isn’t so easy is getting people to visit your site and buy your goods or services.

Imagine that you set up a bricks and mortar shop and rely on passing trade. If you’ve taken a lease on a high street then you’re going to have a lot of potential customers passing by each day and some of them are bound to call in and have a browse. Now imagine that the same shop is situated down a little-known side street, possibly a cul-de-sac where people rarely venture. With no passing trade your shop has become invisible.

It’s the same in the digital world, except here you can be proactive and draw people to your shop. To make yourself visible you need to attract the attention of search engines to ensure that your site features highly on search results.

The power of great content

Search Engine Land tells its readers that online content provides a solid foundation for your site that serves to support your SEO strategy. Content needs to be unique, timely, relevant and of interest to your customers.

This view is backed up by Dublin SEO agency, which suggests that great content allows customers to form a bond with your business. It’s that bond which will encourage them to refer friends and family to your site, helping to build brand awareness and promote your services.

Weak, unconvincing content that has been churned out thoughtlessly, perhaps crammed with keywords to attract search engine algorithms fool nobody. Rest assured that if your customers, and potential customers, feel that they are not being taken seriously they will move on to your competitors without a second thought. Content is still king – make sure it rules in the right way for your business.