How to Keep your Home Safe from Burglars as the Country Heads Back to Work

Whilst we have all been at home for the past few months there are a few silver linings to this situation, and one of these is that burglaries have been at a low level! But as we all head off back to work, we may have many fears and anxieties, one of them being that burglars are going to be itching to get back into people’s homes. So, what can you do to ensure your home isn’t the target of opportunist thieves?

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Focus on the outside of your home – there are some things that deter a burglar from the outside. Keep all bushes and greenery cut back so they have nowhere to hide, make sure that windows and doors are secure and closed and look obviously very secure. Also consider installing security cameras from somewhere such as this CCTV Manchester based company. The sight of a home with security cameras on clear display is very off-putting for would be thieves!

Get chatting to other people in your neighbourhood, and you can all work together to keep an eye on the area and keep it as safe as possible. Many areas operate neighbourhood watch schemes which can be very successful when everyone in the area is involved.

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Be careful what you are posting on social media – we have all the heard the horror stories of people who announce that they are off on holiday on Facebook, only to come back and find that their home has been burgled. When it comes to social media, think about the fact that anyone can read it and always consider what sort of information you want to give out to others. Even if you are announcing the fact you are back at work or have just bought a new tv and cinema system, this is what potential criminals will be looking for.