Easy new season style updates for your home

You don’t need to get in a decorator for every season but you can refresh your look to match the mood and current trends quite easily as the seasons change. Here are a few easy style updates that will help you keep your home on point.

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Indoor garden

There is nothing stopping you from bringing the outdoors inside with some easy maintenance house plants. Keep plants on the windowsill to absorb natural light and protect them from the cold at night with waterproof roller blinds. Touches of green will spruce any space up regardless of the season.

Crate it

Stackable crates or wooden boxes are great for keeping order. Fill them with toys, shoes or craft materials. This is an easy and stylish way of keeping order without having to put every individual item back in its place.

Fireplace styling

Place the emphasis on the fireplace by placing a pair of grandiose, turned wood candlesticks on either side of it. Otherwise, you can still get this focal effect by centring the fireplace with clear glass pillar vases filled with pine cones or copper-finish lanterns. Take care not to put items in front of the fireplace that might catch alight. For added safety, make sure to read about fire safety at home especially if you have children or animals around.

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Update your accent colours

The entire look can be changed by merely reconsidering the accent colours. Accessorise in seasonal colours. For summer you might want to stick with brights, but for winter you cannot go wrong with subtle hues of rich colour. Keep your main palette basic by choosing neutral colours for your windows in terms of curtains and blinds stockists of PVC waterproof roller blinds, and curtain shops are bound to have a variety of contemporary and classic choices available.

Fake it

These days there are very high-quality artificial flowers available. You can buy them in stems and arrange them in the same way you would fresh flowers. Nothing is worse than a vase of fresh flowers that have died. If you go faux, you will never have that problem and you don’t have to wait for your favourites to come into season.

Your home never has to go completely out of style if you keep sprucing it up with little things to keep it current.