Dying when abroad

A death abroad can lead to additional stress as well as bereavement, when having to deal with a foreign system when you’re far from home. However, you can get help from the British government.

Someone you are traveling with dies abroad

If someone you are with should die while you are abroad, you should contact the closest High Commission, Consulate or British Embassy. They will be able to give you advice about what to do. If you are on a package holiday you must inform the representative of your package organizer in the resort as soon as you can. Some larger tour operators have special teams that can help you with the arrangements.

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If you are in the UK and a family member or friend dies abroad

In the country where the death occurred, the British consulate must ask the police in the UK to inform the next-of-kin. If you are notified of the death by someone else, such as a tour operator, you should call the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), who will be able to share information and help with the arrangements.

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Registering a death

All deaths must be registered in the country where the person died, and the consul can help you with organising this. You will need to register all deaths abroad with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the UK. For death registration, you must take some important information about the deceased as well as yourself, including:

full name

Date of birth

Passport number

where and when the passport was issued

details of the next-of-kin, if you are not their nearest relatives.