A Pirates Life for Me – Pirate tips for the modern world

Pirates have enjoyed a surge of popularity with the popular pirates of the Caribbean films over the last decade or so. The life of a pirate can appear quite appealing – sailing the warm waters of the Caribbean with nothing to hold you down and all the rum you can drink seems like a great option! Unfortunately, the golden age of piracy is well and truly over, but what we can do, is incorporate a few of the good bits of being a pirate into our everyday live (maybe leave out the plundering and barbaric killing side of it though!)

Beards- Never has it been more trendy to have a beard than now. Beards are appearing everywhere, even ladies being proud beard wearers – Conchita Wurst, Eurovision winner, is a famous lady beard lover. All the beard lovers of today could learn a thing or two from Blackbeard – the most famous and fearsome pirate ever, Blackbeard was not only a beard lover, but he used his long beard against his enemies. He wove smoking fuses around plaited tendrils of his long black beard to intimidate enemies. He would have looked a terrifying sight, with all his guns thrown across his body and his long smoking beard!


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Boats – Pirates captured ships and kept them for themselves, using them to travel the idyllic waters that they intended to plunder. Why not consider a visit to the Caribbean? Before you ask ‘how long would it take to travel to the Caribbean on a boat’ – stealing a ship is not a great idea – you can cruise around the Caribbean Islands or if you prefer to base yourself on one island there are many boat tours that you could take to explore the fascinating history – and soak up the rum and the sunshine! (By the way, it takes about 7-10 days to get to the Caribbean by boat nowadays – in the 1700s, it would have taken 5 weeks!).


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Rum – Yes, the favourite drink of pirates, when it comes to rum there has never been so much choice and so many exciting options to explore! Dedicated rum bars are now opening all over the world, and people are embracing their inner pirate at last! Rum used to be seen as a stomach rotting drink of the navy, not a desirable drink of choice. Rum can be enjoyed on its own over ice, or in an amazing rum cocktail, of which there are many. The most famous and most loved of them all is probably the mojito. This classic Cuban drink of rum, brown sugar, soda water and lime juice is every pirates dream drink. Daquiri is another popular rum based cocktail, usually strawberry but there are many variations of flavour, some more unusual than others! This is the perfect beach holiday cocktail with its tropical taste served over plenty of crushed ice.