How To Make A Good SEO and Content Marketing

The Content Marketing is a strategy that we know as essential for any internet business, or any website that wants to have presence in the search engines and therefore more visitors. You must follow a set of guidelines not only for search engines but for the user who will consume that content. It should be interesting to the user, which encourages sharing between friends and acquaintances in social networks, and have a structure that helps search engines to classify the subject and keywords it contains.

When you write for these users and share it on social networks, for example, you are not only positioning in the mind of the user as a person who knows about this subject , but also is going to attract visitors to your website. If we write a well structured for search engines , i.e. , with SEO strategies article, you will also help increase your position for certain keywords in search engines and this leads again, more visits.

All internet business should have a blog in which to transfer their knowledge of your industry, provide interesting information which can be a potential customer and should be the center of your content strategy. But the text is not only the unique content you can create and share on the Internet, image-based content such as infographics or videos are also high value content to users, and are usually shared or can have more interactions text Content.

To make a good optimized content for SEO you should consider a number of important factors.

How to Create Content for SEO?

First, something very important is to create a list of keywords that fully define the activity of your business, products or services you offer. Do an Internet search of the most relevant keywords, more directly related to your sector and group them into categories.

In addition you can also add to your list of keywords a list of synonyms related words to help you further increase the relevance without ever repeating the same terms, which can also be counterproductive to your positioning. Once you have that list of keywords, optimize your website, internally and externally with those keywords, trying to get all these interesting web page containing keywords for your business.

When your web page is optimized for search engines, the turn to start writing content, in the form of articles or any type of content that will provide value to the user. Also note that if this content writes it up as if it were a story, which is what is known as storytelling, will be much more attractive to readers and increases the possibility of being shared more easily.

Once you’ve started and create content and share it, it’s time to see the numbers, i.e. arrives, you must be aware of how people interact with your content, as it evolves, few visits, what is the bounce rate, etc. .

Web analytics will allow you to see what items you need to improve, that are what best works among users who follow you and where you should change the strategy, without laboratory cannot get to plan actions.

SEO is a strategy that takes time, is not the same as the pay per click, search engine optimization takes time, not about money; obviously you might like to hire a professional to do something you yourself, as could be creating back links, but keep in mind that SEO is a matter of planning, strategy in a given time.