Must-have smartphone accessories

These days having a smartphone is not enough, you’ve got to have the right accessories too. There are so many to choose from too, all of which will greatly enhance the experience and enjoyment of your device. Here are some top accessories available to complement your phone:

Headphones – Whilst most phones come with standard in-ear headphones, these usually aren’t the best available on the market. For those who love music, a decent pair of headphones is a must. There are in-ear or over the head available and these days either option is based on sound quality and comfort.

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Portable charger – Never run out of juice on the go again by purchasing a portable charger or power bank for your device. With heavy usage, even the phones with the best battery life won’t often last the distance so a portable charger is a necessity for busy lives. For advice on Vodafone Tullamore phones, visit a Tullamore Vodafone Store

Car mount – For those looking to use GPS or Maps whilst driving, a car mount is essential. There are different varieties available that mount on the dashboard or the air filter. This keeps your device accessible and viewable without distracting yourself by fishing around for it whilst driving.

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Camera lens attachment – Mobile phones today take incredible photos but for those who are trying to develop their photography further, a camera lens attachment can take those images to the next level.

Gimbals – A necessity for anyone wanting to shoot steady and professional looking video footage. These are a must-have for all vloggers or budding investigative journalists out there.