How Can You Optimize SEO Ranking With Google Plus?

Google Plus is not merely another social media site. This social networking service can also be used as a tool to improve the ranking of your websites. After the changes and updates introduced by Google algorithm in the form of Hummingbird, G+ has now become an indispensable part of all kinds of online marketing and SEO strategies for bloggers, internet marketers and webmasters. Google Plus was initially introduced as a service through which the users can connect socially and also help in improving the SEO rankings of the websites. The big question is how can you employ it to achieve your end?

Stick To Content Relevancy

Content marketers and bloggers utilize their Google Plus profiles to promote their own content. If they are writing rich content on topics associated with current business trends then it might enable the search engines to recognize them as an authority on that particular topic. Hence, you can easily build content relevancy with the help of this networking site. The need is to write relevant and well researched content so that the search engines are able to identify your field of expertise and help you in building an authorship. For instance, if you are regularly blogging on WordPress, then sharing the blogs on your G+ profile can help you gain impressive search engine rankings.

Why do you think Google Plus is helping you to build such an authorship? The main aim is to improve the user experience when it comes to quality content. Crux of the story is that content still is the king. Therefore, make sure that what you are writing is engaging, relevant, well researched, accurate and updated. Your next step is to help the search engines recognize your authorship. Google Webmaster suggests certain tips that can prove helpful for you:

1. It is imperative to optimize your Google Plus profile. Fill up as much of the fields as possible and website URL, etc. It is also beneficial if you can get your G+ Plus page verified by Google. It adds to the profile credibility.

2. Link the Google Plus page to your website and other social sites. This will make it easier for the search engine ranks to link your website to your profile.

The primary benefit that you derive from your Google Plus profile is that it helps to build better credibility and professionalism for you. If your content is engaging enough then the web browsers will definitely take note of it and that will boost the number of your followers. Once the number of followers for your blog or website improves, it will definitely help in improving the traffic as well. It is also an effective tool to create a personal branding. If you are a blogger who loves to write on travel related topics, then your Google Plus page can help you to establish yourself as a travel blogger.

Importance of the Google +1 Button

In order to use Google Plus to improve your search engine rankings, it is also necessary that you know how important the +1 button on this site is. You are overtly familiar with Facebook’s ‘Like’ button. This G+ button too works in a similar fashion but with better results. When someone likes your content on this social media site it adds to the traffic of your website. Thus, it provides a boost to the search engine rankings as well. The more people share your content to their circles/networks, the better it will prove for your SEO rankings.

So have you set up your Google Plus page yet? If you need professional help to monitor your search engine rankings then tools, like, Paradox SEO can help you out.