A Guide to Unique Christening Gifts

Christenings are joyous occasions and the little one in question will be sure to receive some delightful, heart-felt gifts. There are many beautiful gifts available for such an occasion but how do you find something unique and a little bit special? Nobody wants to give a duplicated gift or something that won’t be appreciated so here are some interesting ideas for the perfect christening gift:

Personalised Silver Spoon

A nod to the traditional doesn’t have to mean dull. There are some beautiful spoons available that can be uniquely personalised and altered depending on your taste. A message of your choice can be stamped onto the spoon and it arrives in a beautiful gift box, tied with a chiffon bow. This is a gift that looks classy, traditional and chosen with thought and love.

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Music Box

A nod to the toys of our ancestors, a beautiful hand-crafted music box that gently soothes baby to sleep is a gift that will be treasured and much-loved by parents. Most music boxes play a lullaby like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and some rotate or show you the inner workings and mechanisms. Closed lid versions which are child-friendly are also available. There may be options for a personalised message written across the top. If you want to find out more about Ireland Christening Gifts, then visit https://www.gifts4baby.ie/christening-gifts-Ireland

Handprint Kit

This might not seem like a very original idea but parents love these kits. They offer the chance to capture a moment in time that’s gone all too quickly. Immortalise baby’s hand or footprints with a special kit that comes in an attractive case for protecting the important keepsake.

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Rocking Horse

Go retro with a stylish classic, the traditional rocking horse. Modern plastic toys can be so bright, garish and noisy so add a touch of sophistication to the playroom with a good old-fashioned rocking horse. It doesn’t have to look too formal or old, there are some very modern, fabric horses on the market which are softer, more comfortable and even come with pockets so teddy can go for a ride too!

Personalised Book

Another beautiful gift idea is a personalised book. It can be a children’s classic, a personalised story featuring the child’s name or a wish book containing all the things you wish for them in life. There are some gorgeous story books available where you can write a personalised message on the front page and the story is tailored to include the child’s details, including things like parent’s names and road name. A personalised book of nursery rhymes is another sweet idea.

Name a Star or a Rose

These gifts are available for any recipient or occasion but also make unique gift ideas for christenings. Wouldn’t it be lovely to receive a gift for your child knowing that a star or flower had been named after them? When they’re old enough to understand, they’ll be thrilled to know this has been done and might even excite them enough to become an astronomer or gardener!