Keeping your child entertained on a flight

Travelling with small children can be challenging, especially when you’re enclosed in an aircraft and can’t simply pull over and take a break. The key to a stress-free flight is preparation. Creating a comfortable environment and having some games and activities to keep them occupied are all lifesavers when the initial excitement of going on holiday turns to boredom and tiredness. Here are some handy tips:

  1. Comfort is key

A travel blanket, pillow and the chance for a snuggle up can help them calm down and maybe take a nap for a while. Make sure they are wearing soft, loose clothing and shoes that can be removed quickly. A lightweight blanket and travel pillow are also a great idea for a night flight.

  1. Sit by the window

Kids will be thrilled by the amazing views on offer during take-off and landing. Talk about all the things you can see, from tiny cars to miniature buildings. Finding shapes in the clouds is another good way of using their imagination and distracting them if they feel nervous at all. For flights from Airports in Ireland, visit

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  1. Activities

There are so many light activities to pack in the hand luggage that it should be easy to keep them occupied for the majority of the flight. Sticker books, colouring books, travel games and crayons to draw. Sticker books come in all varieties and themes, some with over 1,000 stickers to keep them amused for hours. Why not join in and take along your own adult colouring book to keep you chilled out too?

  1. Books

Books are the perfect travel accompaniment and the ideal way to expand a young child’s imagination and literacy skills in a fun way. There are some fantastic children’s books around at the moment, including the ever-popular David Walliams and anything by Julia Donaldson will go down a treat.

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  1. Buy some snacks

If you have picky eaters, they might not be impressed by the more adult-fare on offer during the flight. Some favourite kid-friendly snacks might include raisins, cheese snacks, breadsticks, biscuits or sandwiches. Having a snack or a drink on take off and landing can also ease the pressure experienced on little ears. Taking some healthier snacks with you will also distract their attention from the more sugary, chocolatey options available on the trolley.

  1. Card games

A pack of cards is one of the oldest and simplest ways to entertain and takes up little space in hand luggage. Younger children will love a few games of snap or pairs, while older kids could be taught how to play solitaire, for example.

  1. Resort to digital entertainment

When you’ve run out of all other forms of keeping them occupied, you can always revert to digital devices. A phone or tablet pre-loaded with family-friendly films and suitable games can provide you and fellow passengers with a few moments of peace. Take their headphones and keep them entertained for a while, letting you enjoy the view or a quick forty winks in peace!