10 Reasons We Love London in Autumn

Autumn is the time of the year when people begin looking for attractive new boots and warmer clothing. It is a time filled with holiday fun, fancy dress, and excitement, and London is the place you want to be to enjoy the best of it. This is the best time of the year to explore all the city of culture has to offer and you are unlikely to find disappointment when wandering its many streets.

When autumn rolls around this year, do not allow yourself to stay within your home huddled over the central heater. There is so much to see, explore, and experience in London that you do yourself a disservice by staying indoors. Instead, go out and explore cosmopolitan London, dance in the different shades of leaves littering the path, and make a stop at any interesting location you notice. Once you get a taste for London during this time of the year, you may never choose to spend it anywhere else again.


London in the fallĀ is a time to reflect on your surroundings and the beauty of Mother Nature. It calls for self-reflection, too, and what better way to do so than by spending your evenings walking through the city? The gorgeous location is steeped in millennia of rich history and there are markers of that history on every street corner. From one building to the next, you may see old architecture mixed with modern and that fantastic melding of minds may be enough to cause a real change in you. There is simply no better place to enjoy the best of nature and England as a whole.

The Wine

London is home to some of the finest wines in the world and you can sit down at a lovely restaurant with a flavourful glass and relax. Sit by the window and watch the leaves as they fall to the floor and onto the clothing of people passing by. If you absolutely cannot resist spending at least one evening by the fireplace, call your family and friends together to share a bottle and take advantage of the time together. Even inside your own home, the atmosphere of love and rejuvenation in London is infectious.

Delectable Treats

Autumn is the time for hot and savoury dishes the entire family can enjoy guilt-free throughout the day and night. During the fall, the weather grows colder and a warm treat is often just what you need to feel your best and face the day with a smile. As you wander the many streets of London, stop at local bakeries and confectioneries to taste their signature dishes. The flavours of London are unique and you are sure to enjoy something altogether more scrumptious than you could ever find back at home.

Time with Family

Children adore the changing of the leaves and London is a city awash with colours and fun during this time of the year. After school, take your young ones on a tour of the city and let them collect leaves of various shapes, types, and colours. Turn adventure into a game and they may need to be dragged home at the end of the day. London is by far the very best place to be once the earth catches fire in reds, yellows, and blues.