Tips for installing surveillance cameras

If you have decided to improve the security of your property by installing surveillance cameras, then that’s a great idea and here are some installation tips to get the best from your cameras:

  1. Weather protection

To help your cameras last as long as possible, take good care of them and protect them from the elements. Waterproof covers are available that help keep them out of the rain and other inclement weather conditions. For CCTV Installation Gloucester services, go to APM Fire and Security, suppliers of CCTV Installation Gloucester

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  1. Don’t install too high

Many people make the mistake of installing cameras up in the eaves thinking that they won’t be damaged or tampered with that way. Unfortunately, this usually results in only seeing the tops of people’s heads and having to install a wide angle camera. It is far better to position lower down and use tamper proof equipment instead. You can capture more and can use a narrower angle camera.

  1. Avoid wide angle cameras

You might think that you’ll be covering more area with a wide angle but in reality, wide angle cameras have pixels further apart the further the lens is from an object resulting in a blurry image. Trying to zoom in after an event just reveals a heavily pixelated image. Instead consider varifocal cameras that can be zoomed in.

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  1. Think about more than just the front door

Even the smallest digital video recorders can cope with up to 4 cameras so there’s no reason not to cover every angle of a property. Include windows and back doors, as well as outbuildings like garages and sheds.