The advantages of a hyper-converging Data Center

An all-in-one architecture for every operational need

Companies, in order to remain competitive, need agile and efficient solutions and architectures that, in total safety, are able to meet their operational needs. It becomes of primary importance to be able to rely on a Data Center able to offer high performance in order to speed up decision-making processes and provide better services at reduced costs.

Optimize time, IT costs and support every business need: markets are projected towards next-generation architectures, hyperconvergence solutions that offer complete virtualization of hardware, storage and networking, through a single governance platform.

The market requires a profound reflection on the capabilities of its Data Center facilities for several reasons:

  • For the need to have a scalable system , based on variable processing needs, perhaps in anticipation of a surge in data center traffic or the upcoming distribution of new applications
  • To solve problems of incompatibility of your infrastructure
  • So as not to overload the IT team in the management and maintenance of the architecture
  • For the need to safeguard data integrity and security and ensure business continuity and disaster recovery strategies
  • To respond appropriately to requests from customers, suppliers or partners

The new Cisco solutions for the Data Center, including switches and Cisco Nexus services, are able to cope with a wide range of critical issues, simplifying the management of operational processes.

Simplification of architecture and less risk of incompatibility

Traditional Data Centers were organized in clearly separated network environments, where specific resources were related to specific applications. This approach represented an insurmountable limit that prevented server optimization.

The logical division of the environments provided by the new generation Data Centers offers greater simplicity, thanks to the hyperconvergent technology, where each node is customizable and is able to guarantee better synchronization. The Data Center for Cloud can boast homogeneous hardware environments and standardized management tools into a single panel allocating resources in a much more profitable.

Scalability: business-to-business operation

The infrastructure must always be able to cope with different types of connectivity and traffic patterns. Planning the performance of your data center to measure the business, dimensioning the environments to make flexible software and hardware resources, is one of the peculiarities of hyperconvergent solutions.

The scalability of new generation Data Centers improves the network’s ability to support different and variable processing needs over time, adding or eliminating factors with extreme ease, ensuring rapid responses to unforeseeable or non-ongoing needs.

Green solution

The hyperconvergent architectures are able to contain the relationship between computing power and energy consumption thanks to the inclusion of servers, storage and virtualization software in a single appliance. Hardware modules are compact and have few physical nodes, compensating for computing and storage capacity. All this allows to significantly reduce the power costs in terms of gigawatt.

Less economic commitment

Having a hyperconvergous Data Center and therefore fewer assets to manage allows you to easily monitor IT costs and contain expenses related to its management, as well as those related to the energy component and cooling systems.

Most companies have invested copious resources to maintain the hardware and software of their Data Centers: today, thanks to its virtualization, maintenance interventions are reduced to a minimum because they require a lot less skills.

The new hyperconvergent architectures allow monthly monitoring of consumption, measured in relation to the scalability of the entire system: the IT team is thus freed from infrastructure management costs and can concentrate on application development.

Better performance for an agile business and ready for any challenge

The simplicity of a hyperconvergent architecture allows, thanks to virtualization, to distribute and allocate resources in a more advantageous way.

In the same environment it is now possible to guarantee the operation of the entire system, thanks to the optimization of processing and archiving systems. The new infrastructure is completely adapted to the business prospects and allows the introduction of customized functions in the software without waiting for a supplier to introduce them into the proprietary packages. The result is greater business agility that allows you to retain the advantage on the competition.

Next-Era Prime – Cisco’s Gold Partner – boasts many years of experience in the field of Data Center and offers a wide range of solutions for every operational need, present or future. From the initial audit to the final implementation of the Data Center, NXP experts are able to define the best strategy for achieving business goals and making the most of existing resources.

Being able to manage the transition to new technologies and activate for the modernization of its Data Centers is the only way to collect and win the challenges of the future.