How Infrared Lighting Can Help Night Driving, The Military, and More

Whether you are someone who spends a lot of time in cottage country, or live in a rural are a year-round, you have likely heard about — if not experienced for yourself — one of the scariest hazards of night driving: deer.

If you are driving on a road that has ample twists and turns, or very little visibility, colliding with a deer is actually more common than you might think. When it does occur, it can not only be emotionally scarring for a vehicle’s driver and passengers, but can also cause significant auto-damage that is expensive to repair.

According to Yahoo, there are 1.1 million collisions between American drivers and deer each year — and figure that is undoubtedly similar in Canada, given the amount of rural areas and deer in Northern provinces. But night vision technology could help drivers by working to prevent such a stark amount of animal collisions from occurring each year.

How can night vision technology prevent auto-accidents with animals, such as deer? Using infrared sensors, night vision can highlight objects on the road for those driving after dark — before a car’s headlights are able to warn drivers of what’s ahead. This is similar to the infrared camera technology that is used in the military, which allows troops to see objects on the battlefield during the night. This type of camera is able to create thermal images of what lies ahead: for drivers, that would allow animals, pedestrians and cyclists to appear brighter to the naked eye than the other objects surrounding them.

Night Vision Experts offers a number of infrared lighting devices that can greatly enhance the range of night vision equipment you already own. The military and night-driving are a few examples of where infrared devices would be particularly useful — but without an infrared lighting device, you will not be using any kind of night vision technology to its full potential. In addition to the benefits they bring to the military and night-driving, infrared floodlights can also serve as an incredible security asset, as they can greatly improve the performance of night vision surveillance cameras.

The 2-Million Candlepower Infrared Spotlights is one of Night Vision Experts best-selling products for a reason: its long-range lighting can double or triple the range of night vision scopes, night vision goggles, or digital night vision devices. For only $199.99, you can purchase Night Vision Experts’ latest 2-Million Candlepower Hot-Swap Infrared Spotlight, which is able to shoot a beam of covert infrared light over 250 yards — 11% further than previous models.