Fashion lingerie wardrobe: What is your secret fashion…?

Whoa…! Enter my very special fashion wardrobe designed with my favorite apparel, my sexy lingerie and all accessories I love the most. To share one greatest secret of mine; I would say “I just love watching my wardrobe. Very often I renovate it with all new stuff including my garments and my exclusive sexy lingerie. You know I am surpassingly sensual for my sexy wardrobe.” Well, the reason for sharing my secret with all you gorgeous beauties is to make you know how actually a fashion-conscious arduous lady must be obsessive about her fashion wardrobe.

So darlings! If you really want to spend some more time with me; you have 15 minutes to read my write-up on the fashion wardrobe which will surely assist you to come closer to my secret fashion. Make these 15 minutes come real sizzling and go for an eye-to-heart read on the secret fashion lingerie wardrobe to get an intimate knowledge on how to design your own wardrobe and what all stuff you are to look for primarily so as to keep it interesting.

Essential tips to maintain your special wardrobe:

Being very much inclined towards my most fascinating wardrobe, I feel maintaining and lubricating it is a more priority task than keeping my stay place well managed. Here let me speak about some of the essential tips ladies must follow so as to keep their very private wardrobe in a refined way.

  • Keep priority for “Variety”: This is the most crucial tip one must follow so as to manage a fashion wardrobe. Because, “where there is fashion, there is variety.” Have enough room for a different variety of apparel; including the varied range of outfits and lingerie. Again the variety of outerwear matters which you can keep arranged in your wardrobe. Maybe it is your denim jeans, tee-shirts or maybe it is any of your party wear or fashionable skirts and cami tops; keep a huge collection of a sundry variety of clothes in your wardrobe in a systemic manner. This would actually help you find your best attire for the event you are attending or for the impression you are to make. Same is with lingerie varieties. Do collect various types of lingerie, including chemise, corset, baby doll, teddies, stockings and bra & panty. Try out different designer patterns of your innerwear, go for fashionable or gorgeous lingerie and also have a collection of simple and gentle looking lingerie in your wardrobe. I find life in my every darling stuff. So “I make my wardrobe feel good about self with varieties.”
  • Proportion” matters: Keep a balanced proportion in the arrangement of your attire and lingerie. Every garment is important to me, so I love managing my wardrobe in a 1:1 ratio; where I manage my inner and outerwear in an equal proportion. But for many ladies, it might be like they want an increased level of outfits than their lingerie. So, accordingly manage your proportion in your wardrobe. Again, count on the variety of attires and lingerie and accordingly manage their proportion in each of the special section. Well, all you lovely girls; if you ask me what all I count in managing my balanced proportion of apparel in my darling wardrobe; I would say, “ My sandals, waist belts, my hair accessories and my favorite makeup kit also have special rooms in my fashionable home”. So, if you also want to manage your wardrobe with all these essential accessories along with your dresses and lingerie; then do keep maintaining the proportion accordingly.
  • Moderate” with time: For me, “Managing a wardrobe is like managing self.” This must be followed by every lady and you must go for time to time moderation of your wardrobe. Coming much clear about this; adorn your wardrobe with all the winter or woolen clothes during the winters which must be replaced by the summer wears with the weather change and vice versa. Again to add; throw the clothes out of your wardrobe which is outdated or lingerie which do not fit you anymore. This helps you prevent from crowdedness and also gives the exact meaning to your wardrobe. Remember, “Wardrobe is about fashion, not about weirdness!” Design your fashion wardrobe in a way you are deeply in love with your intimate corner.”