What to buy your dad for Christmas

Buying Christmas gifts for your Dad can be challenging if you aren’t sure what he is into or whether he has everything he needs. It seems that as we age we start to think about presents less and less and simply want to spend more time with our family and friends. If you are struggling with ideas here are some suggestions for you to have a look through.

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Clothing – clothing is a great gift option but resist the temptation to buy underwear or socks unless you know that your dad is an avid sock fan. Why not take a look at Ralph Lauren Menswear from companies like EJ Menswear instead. You are bound to find something for everyone, whether your dad looks for comfortable clothing or is more fashion conscious about the clothes that he wears.


Alcohol – knowing whether your dad is a fan of beers or spirits will give you the options of buying some alcohol as a christmas gift. But make this special and get beer from a local brewery or something that is a little higher in price than he would normally drink.

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Kits – there are hundreds of thousands of kits available if your dad likes to make things. This could be anything from beer brewing start kits through to model making kits. All of these are a great choice for the dad that likes to be hands on. You can also find some great online courses that will teach new skills that you might be able to tie in with a kit that you purchase as a gift.