Thank goodness for stairlifts

Without a doubt one of the best inventions to help elderly people live in their own homes for a longer period of time has to be the stairlift. You might be surprised as to what the origins of this incredible useful bit of kit are. One thing is also for sure with the help of this Homecare Cheltenham based company you can make sure that you and your loved home stay in the family home for as long as you want on your terms.

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Henry VIII the King and the Stairlift

In a list of the King’s possessions, Dr David Starkey, the renowned historian, found that King Henry VIII had installed a stairlift in the shape of “a chair… that goes up and down” to carry the King up the 20-ft staircase at Whitehall Palace. Henry VIII was considered to be fat and he still had trouble walking around because of a 45-year-old jousting accident. Dr Starkey suggests that a block and tackle device of servants using ropes will have been required with this first stairlift to lift the King and his royal stairlift up and down the majestic staircase. He probably berated them at every step of the way.

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The start of the first commercial stairlift.

Now without ropes and a pulley, the stairlift has come a long way! In the 1920s, C.C.Crispen invented the first stairlift that we would recognise as the same as the ones today. Crispen, who had to get up and down the stairs himself wanted to comfort and assist his mate who was unable. He named it the inclinator and it was his creation. The Inclinator Company of America was founded in the 1930s and was mostly used by polio victims.


Such stairlifts were more in line with what we have now, consisting of a folding chair and a footrest that went up and down a track connected to the stairs with the assistance of rollers. This device has been shown to be so powerful that, over the years, the first design has not needed to be improved on much.