Exploring the UK – Why you Should Visit Ripon

If you are hoping to come out of lockdown and head off to explore parts of the UK that you have not previously visited, Ripon is certainly a great place to start! This Yorkshire based cathedral city is charming and has plenty to keep you entertained if the great British summer is as unpredictable as ever!


Here are just a few things to do in Ripon….


Visit the Cathedral – This is an obvious attraction of the area. The cathedral was constructed during the 7th century and is a prominent feature of the skyline of Ripon. If the weather is a little bit damp, this is the perfect place to visit.

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Go for a Wild Walk – Being close to the moors of Yorkshire, Ripon is an ideal destination for those who enjoy a good walk through the wild countryside, and Yorkshire is a particularly beautiful place to enjoy what nature has to offer.

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Visit the Workhouse Museum – To see more of the past events that shaped Ripon and its residents, it is well worth a visit to the Workhouse museum. This fantastic museum has been carefully restored and maintained so that visitors get a real look at how it felt to be in a Victorian workhouse.


Enjoy the Water – Part of Ripons’ industrial past includes the canals, and there are many great walking routes along the waters of Ripon where you can take in the beautiful canals and the wide range of wildlife that live in and around the water.