Where can I install a boiler?

If it’s time to get a new boiler or relocate an existing one, you might be wondering where the best location is for a boiler. If you’re changing from an old back boiler to a new combi boiler, this also means cylinders and tanks being removed so you may have even more options for where to locate your boiler.


Yes you can have the boiler in the bathroom and it’s actually pretty convenient as the plumbing pipes are already in situ. You’ll want to disguise the boiler by boxing it off but the benefit of this is that it can create storage for towels, which will be kept nice and warm next to the boiler. As long as the boiler is not within reach of the shower or water, the bathroom is a viable option.

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Many boilers are indeed located in the kitchen and as with bathrooms, there is the convenience of close proximity to a water source. A boiler can be compact enough to fit behind a cupboard door if you want to disguise it. For those with limited kitchen space, a boiler in the kitchen might not be viable. It is not advisable to fit a boiler over an oven or hob as the heat and condensation will shorten the boiler’s life. For installation and Boiler Repair Belfast, visit a site like Belfast Gas

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You can fit a boiler in a garage and it can free up valuable space inside the home. However, garages tend to be cold and although modern boilers have frost-proof protection, you might want to insulate the pipes to prevent a frozen condensate pipe occurring.