What problems can occur with your locks?

Home security has never been more prominent in the news. The case of burglary and theft continue to remain alarmingly high, and it is essential to protect oneself from it as well as one can. The best defence against theft is a deterrent. Caught criminals have revealed that the element that puts them off attempting a robbery is the sight of a well protected home or establishment. Speed and undetecti0on is the key and they do not want anything to give them a reason to pause.

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Therefore a decent lock is the perfect way to stop anyone from thinking about taking illegal action. However, if the lock is in a bad way, you should contact this Locksmith Exeter based company to source a new one. What are the telltale signs of issues?

  1. The key has broken in the lock. This is frustrating. In some cases, a strong magnet may work, or the simple act of using a spare key from the other side could push it out.
  2. Dirt in the lock. If this is the case, try a cotton wool swab, slowly and carefully inserted. It can clear out some of the dirt. Silicone spray or WD40 should be employed, never oil.
  3. The lock does work. It’s not a good idea to attempt to fix this yourself. |Repalcement locks are not as expensive as you think. Click on the link above to find some great deals.

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Good lock maintenance is the first defence in the protection of your home and possessions.