Sustainable alternatives to air conditioning

AC has undoubtedly brought comfort to millions and made a lot of environments more hospitable, providing much-needed relief from the heat. We take it for granted, but life for our ancestors was much less comfortable and they had to rely on natural ways to stay cool.

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However, these days many people are returning to natural methods to cool their homes to become more environmentally friendly. AC alternatives are cheaper and much better for the environment, can make us healthy and feel more relaxed. Here are some more natural methods to consider:

Fans can be very useful and should not be overlooked in favour of AC. By circulating air in the home or office, they can cool the area and may be all you need instead of cooling the entire building with air conditioning, even rooms not in use. Running fans can also takes some pressure off the AC system.

Brise Soleil

You may not have heard about this system, but it has roots in ancient history. The system uses horizontal or vertical blades from a variety of fabrics to control the amount of light and heat that can enter a building. You often see this structure installed on office blocks and public buildings. For more information about a Brise Soleil system, visit a site like

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Open the window

Ideally, you want to keep the flow of cold air coming in and warm air out. Opening your window during the heat of the day is not wise but if you open it strategically, you can get a huge advantage. Keep the windows open at night, when the cooler air blows and then keep them closed during the morning when the sun comes out.