How to clean laminate flooring

The best thing about laminate flooring is that it is stain resistant, so keeping it in tip top condition shouldn’t be too hard. For daily touch-ups, a microfibre cloth will easily lift any scratches or dirt that is walked inside on people’s shoes. Of course, it would be better if there were no shoes in the house rule!

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When spills do occur, especially in kitchens, remove the stain right away so it doesn’t go sticky. Most normal household floor cleaners will suffice. Thankfully, cleaning laminate flooring is easy and any spills can be mopped up quickly and easily thanks to the stain resistant coating. For more details on Laminate Wood Flooring, go to a site such as Irwin Tiles

When cleaning or wiping with a cloth, remember to be gentle. Laminate floors are tough but there are some cleaning methods that could cause an accumulation of film on the surface. This film only serves to attract more dust and dirt, so don’t overuse cleaning products and don’t rub too hard.

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Another important point is not to use excessive amounts of water during cleaning. Too much water can pool in the cracks between the boards. This could eventually lead to warping, which nobody wants! Using a steam cleaner is an ideal choice to avoid excess water pooling on your floor.