Get the Stately Home Look in your Own House

The saying goes that an Englishman’s home is his castle – but unfortunately the vast majority of us are not lucky enough to live in a castle or a sprawling country pile! However, if you love the rich and luxurious interiors in these gorgeous places – old homes of opulent gentry and fantastic stately homes that transport you to a world of luxury of a bygone age, there are some things that you can do to add a touch of that luxury to your own home.

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Curtains are a big appeal in these luxurious manor houses, and they are a great way to introduce that luxury look to a home. Deep colours and rich heavy textures are the order of the day. Find a local company like this blinds Cheltenham based company Laskeys to create you some made to measure curtains to fit your windows perfectly.

When we think of old buildings that were once home to royalty and the lords and ladies of the land, the decadent wallpaper is another thing that springs to mind. Beautiful and intricate designs often flowers, and animals were depicted on the wallpaper – there are lots of beautiful wallpapers like this available at the moment so have a look for some that you like.

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Decoration is something that is a big feature in these homes – the minimalist look is not something that ever features! Ornate sculptures, paintings and pictures and luxurious cushions and soft furnishings all help to add that luxurious look to the room.