5 trends in shades to protect your home from the sun

Textiles are the easiest way to change the decor of a stay resort, but when they arrive the hottest months are also one of the best ways to protect your home from the sun. With summer it is necessary to install some type of sunscreen in outdoor living spaces as well as a system that, in the inner rooms, sift excess light. Let’s find out how you can get with following the latest trends in curtains.

1. All the California sun

Don Lorenzo peeks through the windows and light – filled home. In this season, the yellow color is perfect as makes the sun reflect and multiply the light effect. This style is characterized mainly by choosing the color white as a base and usually mixes antique furnishings with modern objects, including extreme minimalism, with bright windows.

We propose combining decorate your bedroom with white walls papered with some reason not too big and warm colors to provide greater luminosity covering the window with a white curtain and a curtain over it with a drawing in yellow. If you do not want to decorate this room in one color, mix yellow with orange and green. An aged wood headboard completes the set.

5 trends in shades to protect your home from the sun

2. Mysterious Africa

Ethnic decor with all adventurous moods is trend and summer is a total success, you also serve to craft value objects from other cultures and distant memories of safaris or trips. Shades of ocher, red, olive green or brown full range will be a good choice to paint our walls or add flashy textiles.

The large prints will help to create a warm atmosphere and character, ideal for perfectly acclimate this trend. Remember that the ethnic style allows striking and riskier than other alternatives.

3. Mediterranean Breeze

Inundate your home blue, summer comes and this is the color of the sea, so present during this hot season full of light. The Mediterranean-style spread wellbeing, it reflected in the use of wood, metals, and natural fibers. To get to give your home that maritime air so characteristic of the Mediterranean, nothing like combine white and blue with a touch of green, because the plants are also characteristic of this trend.

To cover your windows or balconies giving a marine air, choose a fabric with a pattern in blue and green. You’ll love the feeling of freshness that transmits these reasons. Complete the look with a carpet fiber and lacquered furniture in white and blue.

4. Nostalgic Brooklyn

This trend rescues the most significant details of the first American lofts. Large clear spaces and large windows to let in the maximum brightness, and objects and furniture that seem drawn from a workshop or factory fifties with colors like white, black, gray, beige and blue, all inspired by the metal, because in this style color accompanies, but not distracting.

The most successful to cover windows and balconies are curtains of New York air do not detract prominence to other decorative elements. Not a double curtain necessary, because it is to maximize the light, so choose a lightweight fabric but with a chic touch and let longish, to make it more elegant.

5. Contemporary Spirit

If you want to give your home a contemporary and modern feel, decide by contemporary style. In it are undisputed protagonists shapes, patterns, and textures, with a profusion of fine lines and geometric compositions. The colors are sober and you only need to take risks in perspective, to add vitality and warmth. The design is the key.

Our proposal is to use the contemporary style in your bedroom. Geometric shapes can use them in the paper on the walls or on the bedspread. To cover nothing better than a clear color shade thereon a window shade darker, like gray, tone the ideal graduate entry of outside light solution, because you can play with both.