Why it’s important to strengthen your back

Our back supports our entire body as well as being the place where our spinal cord is protected. There are a number of injuries that can occur to our backs as a result of working in manual jobs and lifting things incorrectly or from sitting at a desk for hours and hours on end.

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It is important that you take regular breaks from a desk job to help to reduce the stress and strain in your back and in manual jobs you should ensure that you use a Pallet Trucks Ireland company to buy equipment that will not only help protect your back but will make moving items much more efficient.

As the key component to our skeletal structure the bones in our backs not only help to take the load of our bodies and head, it also allows for movement of our limbs. Each limb is connected to the spine through the shoulder or hip joints. As well as the bones in these areas the muscles and ligaments are also connected and these all support the movement of the body and your overall posture.

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Without a strong back our posture will start to suffer and this can then lead to issues occurring in other parts of the body. It can also lead to issues with mobility which can have a detrimental effect on our everyday lives and on the activities that we like to enjoy.